Nov 4, 2010

Life's Soundtrack - The Anti-Candy Mix

Candy Corn
Photo by the talented Jennifer of Gilding Lilies, posted to the I-Studio Flickr Group.

I don't know about you, but I have SERIOUSLY overdosed on candy this week.  Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween, but, oh, the candy kills me, and I know it is just the beginning of the great candy season (Halloween, Christmas/holiday, Valentines and Easter.)

But since I do love candy, and know I'm not going to be able to avoid it entirely, I've decided I need to up my workout (and ok, if I'm honest, I'm not really upping anything, I'm starting, unless one week's worth of daily walks count as a baseline.)

I have a feeling I'm not the only one out there feeling a bit like they are in a candy coma.  So I thought we'd use our song picking powers for good this week and help save our bodies with a workout mix which will motivate us to step away from the computer and into some serious exercise.

This week I'm asking you to send in those hard pounding songs that keep you moving, that help you power through the burn and make you want to keep going even when its cold out, you are tired or really just want to be home curled up in front of the fire with some chocolate and a cup of tea.  The songs don't all have to be fast - we do need songs to warm up (motivators) and cool down (songs that make us feel great about ourselves.)  Let me get us going with a few of my favs...

Duffy - Mercy
Kelly Clarkson - My Life Would Suck Without You
Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love
Christina Aguilera - Fighter
Muse - Uprising
Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne - Let It Rock
Florence and the Machine - Kiss with a Fist
Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes

Now that I've got you thinking about songs to make us break a sweat, let's go back to the list we created last week with the couch potato side of our personalities - the list made up of songs we've heard in movies and TV shows.

It is an amazing list that may have you adding a few songs to your collection or (like me) pulling out an old movie you'd forgotten about.  You blew me away with the diversity of the list, we have everything from Disney to Tarantino - it is safe to say this list has something for everyone.

To play the songs in the Soundtracks playlist, click on the sideways triangle in the middled of the embedded player above.  You can skip ahead or go back by clicking on the < or > on either edge of the player.

I've also built an iTunes iMix with the songs from the Soundtrack playlist.  Use this LINK if you want to easily download one of the songs (or the entire mix) or just want a simple list view of the songs and artists in the Soundtrack list.  Clicking on the link will open a new window, which will in turn open up your iTunes with the playlist in the window.  To see past mixes, just click on the option to see other mixes by this author and you'll see other iMixes we've created together.

Thanks as always for helping put together such AMAZING collections.  I'm really excited about the Anti-Candy Mix we'll put together - I could use a little extra motivation.  Please share your workout favorites in the comments below - and any workout motivation tips you have for the rest of us.  Maybe together we'll get through the holiday season without needing to pull out the spanx.

Happy Listening
Lyrical Journey


Kim Klassen said...

oh my word...candy choma... my son Brett and I were just saying those litte mini bars are evil... :)
and I was just thinking about my workout dvds... :)
Can't wait to see what you all come up with next week!!

and I'm going to listen to this playlist while I spend 30 minutes (setting the timer) cleaning my studio! :) I love that you made an iTunes mix!!

Can I just are truly amazing, Jamie...

xxo, kim

Prairie Girl Studio said...

is it possible to have too MANY goosebumps?

someone call the doctor, cuz i've got a really bad case listening to just the very first selection ... my word ...

it's thursday ... and it's gonna be so good
thanks to you, dear jamie ...

oh ... and now alexi slipping his fingers over those guitar strings ... his voice ... swoon ...

later gater ~

maureen said...

Oh, I'm so glad this is the theme. I have been thinking about requesting this very theme, as I can use some new ideas for my running mix. I will admit, lately I've been running without any head phones. It's so nice to totally recharge during the only time it seems I'm not connected to something. But as the weather gets bad over the winter, I will retreat inside to the treadmill {aaak} and that's when I really need a playlist to get through a 5 mile run.

I have quite a bit of John Mellencamp on my running playlist, but the all-time best work out beat is Jerry from the Mr Happy Go Lucky cd. That song always makes me pick up the pace no matter where I am in my run.
Looking forward to this one Jamie.

blue elephant photography said...

i'm not very big into candies but i am into cake and ice cream for the sweet category :) and here's a song that keeps me walk in a good pace, it's Sad Sad City by Ghostland Observatory

Krystal said...

Ohhh how I love the Avett Brothers. Here's for the new playlist:

enjoy it!! soooo hard not to get excited when i hear it :)

Anonymous said...

It's OLD, but anything by the Pointer Sisters gets me to move! I listen to the Pointer Sisters Greatest Hits whenever I need to seriously up the pace at the gym.

justine said...

The soundtrack to Elizabethtown is one of the best ones I think and also The boat that rocked soundtrack plus both are great films.

justine said...

aaah your link is unavailable for the UK itunes store!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

Another great job, Jamie! I am going to listen as I work this morning.

For working out: I love anything Counting Crows, and when I really want to amp it up, Pearl Jam or Nirvana are really good choices.

Karen said...

Hi Jamie,

Your soundtrack playlist is the BOMB!
Thanks for such a diverse list of great music.

Oh I like your Workout music theme.
For me;
Madonna;Ray of light
Crystal Method; Starting Over
Michael Jackson; Thriller
Boston; More than a feeling
The Fixx; Saved by Zero
Gwen Stefani; Hollaback girl gets me movin!
Have a great week,