Nov 8, 2010

Inspirer Spotlight –The Blue Muse


Happiest Monday, my sweet i~Studio friends! 
I’m super excited to begin a new series, here at the Studio called The Inspirer Spotlight.
I am so grateful for the amazing contributors that pop in and share their inspiration with us!  I can’t even begin to express my true admiration and gratitude for each and every one.

Today’s featured Inspirer is Kelly from the Blue Muse.  Kelly shares her series 'Beauty in Words', here at the iStudio.  And each post she writes seems to stir my soul!! 'sigh'
You can catch up on Kelly's series here.
Kelly is not only the most beautiful writer… she’s also an incredible business owner.  And her story is one that is sure to inspire.

I asked Kelly to share her story with us… 

I started making jewelry about six years ago, after a scare with an illness that turned out to be something that could be fixed, but it was a long, scary year while my doctors figured out the cause of the problem.
But during that year, I found a deeper appreciation for life, for trying to live in the moment, for finding beauty in every day.


At first, my sister and I made jewelry together, for fun, and as a way to spend time together. The next thing we knew, we had decided to go into business together, and we launched Blue Muse Jewelry.


We have been creating together for over five years now, and precious metal clay has become the main focus of our work.

Up until this year, we sold our work at local craft and art shows, and then we decided to try out an etsy shop. I decided to also start a blog as a way to promote our jewelry business, but it has evolved into something so much more than that, it has evolved into a place where I try to share the beauty I find in each day, as well as images and all these words that apparently had just been waiting to come tumbling out! I recently decided to open an etsy shop for prints of my images as well.


But what has really happened is that so much beauty has been added to my life, I have met so many wonderful people, forged new friendships, and found a whole support system of inspiring and creative women.
What a great place to be, among sisters.
thank you so much Kelly for sharing your story with the i~Studio community. 

You can find Kelly at her beautiful site, The Blue Muse.
And check out her lovely Shops as well.
The Blue Muse Fine Art Photography
Blue Muse Jewelry

My name is Kim Klassen.  I am an artist, photographer, and blogger. I fell in love with photography and photoshop just over a year ago. My desire is to spread my art and inspiration throughout the blogosphere. If you would like to learn more about photography and photoshop, come check out my site, Kim Klassen Café. I also hang out with my photoshop lovin’ friends at the The Photoshop Test Kitchen…a place to learn and share all things Photoshop. Here's to inspiration! 


Dyche Designs said...

I'm a huge fan of Kelly's blog, she has such a wonderful way with words. Such beautiful shops too.

ELK said...

i proudly wear a special necklace that Kelly made..she is such a talented friend...

Jamie said...

Kelly's every post inspires me - her words, images and jewelry are beautiful and so full of live.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Blogging has a way of doing just that Kelly...adding beauty and joy in the form of supportive glad you are here!

wholly jeanne said...

there's nothing as beautiful (your jewelry and photos aside, of course) as women supporting women.

Anonymous said...

Kelly's photography is breathtaking. Lovely and beautiful! Thank you.

Kia said...

Kelly's photography is so beautiful! Thanks Kim! :)

Marcie said...

Kelly is such an inspiration...
Wonderful to learn more about her and her art.