Nov 28, 2010


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Hands can be gentle, they can be kind. Hands are expressive. I adore hands because of that.
They reflect the personality of the person. They express playfulness when painted or the simple joy of a kid with dirty hands. Hands can express connection. They can wrap around another person and make them feel safe and secure. In some ways a hand can hold a weaker creature to protect.
I like the feel of warmth of a small hand in my hand. I can feel the love while holding hands with a patient.

Use your hands today. Do something great with them.

Love, Suki


And Miles To Go... said...

beautiful post.

Carola Bartz said...

Beautiful post and gorgeous photos!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

hi suki!
love this post of yours ~ a most lovely topic ... and what a beautiful selection of images to accompany your words ... : )
i am most grateful for my hands ... for the baking and cooking yesterday ...
and always for holding hands while going to sleep ... there is a lot to be said for the warmth of the touch of a hand ... : )
very recently, i bought this random ball of wool that was irresistible and i hope to try knitting something ... could be fun and funny! (hopefully my hands will agree)
thanks ~ sunshine to you ~

Debbie Prediger Photography said...

What a wonderful selection of photos and an amazing, touching sentiment about hands. You inspire me to take photos of hands this year at Christmas when our family gathers. These hands have stories to tell, and I too find hands beautiful. We have every age of people coming so I think hands will be the perfect common ground. thank you for all your inspiration.

mrs mediocrity said...

I love this. Love the poetry of hands, love that lower right corner pic that says hope.

blue elephant photography said...

oooh i love how you put photos together :) love your post! i am using my hands today, and working on more engagement photos lol actually i am cleaning the apartment too ;)

maureen said...

Oh suki, what a wonderful collection of images. You are right, our hands and do so much. Most importantly to connect with each other.
Beautiful mosaic and lovely writing.
thank you for sharing this