Oct 5, 2010

my wishes for you

may you laugh and cry with your whole heart
may you find hope in the dark days
may you toast "cheers" to dear friends
may your home be warm and filled with music
may your heart be light
may you travel the world
may you be happy
may you have candlelit dinners
may you always know that you are loved.
I'm not sure exactly when or how I first heard of giving wishes.  Maybe it was in yoga class when I learned the practice of "metta mediation", a strong wish for happiness in others.  I love when I remember to give silent wishes.  In the line at the grocery store, sitting at a traffic light, while out to dinner...times when my mind quiets for just a second and I really "see" another person.  And I wish goodness for them.
May you be happy.  May you be peaceful.  May you be abundant.

This is just what we all do, even if we do not realize it, when we give handmade gifts.  Giving handmade is thoughtful, caring and loving.  It is literally transferring loving energy.
May you feel beautiful.  May you home be warm and sweet.  May you know you are loved.  
Most of all, may you be happy.


Jamie said...

What a beautiful post and work of art. I love the idea of giving wishes!

Anonymous said...

Jamie is right, this is beautiful--the art and the writing. It's a message to share!

maureen said...

i love this idea of giving wishes. what a perfect way of putting happy thought into the universe.
i love your artwork as a reminder to practice giving wishes.
♥ maureen

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this sweetness. I will wrap it deep inside my heart.

Carola Bartz said...

Beautiful words, beautiful art. I will practice more giving wishes.

Jo said...

Ooooo i love this idea of giving wishes and yours are so deeply heart-felt and beautiful! Thank you for being such an inspiration and so generous-spirited too. Hugs xx

Micah Holden said...

beautifully spoken! I know I'd rather receive a handmade gift (even if it's just a note) than anything! Thanks for your heartfelt 'wishes'!
happy day!

Leaves and Feathers said...

Beautiful post Lori, this is one of my favorite paintings of yours. The wishes always make me feel teary. In a good way, I think it is because I imagine myself sending wishes to my kids and I think of what I would wish for them.
This reminds me of a series of paintings that I am working on right now, I am calling them my Blessing Series, and in painting them I have these same ideas...filling them with light and wishes for blessings as I send the paintings out in to the world. xo

Dyche Designs said...

Great post, I often send out great wishes for friends and families . . . I'll have to start doing it for strangers too.

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Such a lovely and uplifting post! Your artwork is both cheerful and inspiring!

Prairie Girl Studio said...

may your most lovely light
continue to shine brightly
guiding us to spreading
goodness and love ...

LOVE this so much, lori ...

blessings to you ~

ELK said...

such a special piece..happy messages in the form of art is the best

dbalyoz said...

wow! I love everything about this...the concept of silent wishes, your gorgeous artwork, your eloquent words. thanks for the gift of this article. :)

kelly@thebluemuse said...

yes, what a wonderful post, a wonderful way to move through life. i suppose i already do this for people i know, but i love the thought of offering wishes to strangers...