Sep 30, 2010

Life's Soundtrack - An Explosion of Color

I haven't wanted to admit that summer is over, I've found myself refusing to give up my sandals or start pulling out sweaters.  But a strange thing happened over the weekend, I started noticing the explosion of color fall has brought.  It seems everywhere I go the colors are richer, deeper and warmer.  I'm starting to remember the coziness that fall brings.  I've even found myself craving a stormy day so I can curl up with a good book and a cup of my favorite herbal tea.

On this, the last day of September, I think I'm finally ready to let go of summer and embrace all the beauty of fall.  I thought we could welcome autumn with a playlist dedicated to color - all the colors that make up fall: gold, orange, red, the deep greens and warm tones that start to fill our world during this time of year.

What are some of your favorite colorful songs?  Have a favorite colorful artist?  Let's put together a playlist dedicated to all things color (and for any of you who maybe living in the Southern Hemisphere - help us dream of the beautiful colors of Spring!)  I'll get us started:

Carla Bruni - Autumn
The Greencard - Here You Are
Coldplay - Yellow
Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold
Alexi Murdoch - Orange Sky
David Nail - Red Light

Last week's list was a little more complicated, but you still came through with some great suggestions.  I think its the perfect mix for those times when you are doubting yourself or working up the nerve to give something a try.   Let me know what you think.

Don't forget to share your "colorful" picks for songs and artists in the comments.  As always thanks for helping me build the playlists that get me through the week.

Happy Listening!
Lyrical Journey


Marcie said...

Was thinking Eva Cassidy's 'Field of Gold'...and how perfect it is for the season. As always - am lovin' listenin' to your playlist.
And - I haven't given up my flip flops. Not yet!!!

maureen said...

your play lists are amazing.
i am still clinging to my flip-flops, not ready yet to give them up. But I do welcome the burst of color.
♥ maureen

Prairie Girl Studio said...

jamie ~ you are AMAZING!
are we sure it shouldn't be 'angel' Brun? ... wow ...
extraordinary selections this week ...
moving ... grooving ... and so inspiring ... i am sure i will survive ... THANK YOU! *hug*

the winds were wild yesterday ... it was raining leaves! so now, we have these little bursts of colour where the trees with the tough hanging on leaves are like shiny beacons of colour ~ splendid : ) ... and we are finally having some lovely warm temps and sunshine ... yes.

choosing colourful artists and colour related songs was too much fun! (ok, so maybe i got carried away ... ; )

bruised orange - john prine 1980 (stereo)

little bit of red ~ serena ryder

blue skies ~ ella fitzgerald, willie nelson, frank sinatra

big red sun blues ~ mollie o'brien

black water ~ doobie brothers

and a song so special to me, it gives me 'bumps' and tears every time ...

once in a very blue moon ~ nanci griffith ...

and on that note ... so long september!

urban muser said...

ok, i'm not going to walk away to think about songs and say i'll be back later to post my suggestions like i did last week because i forgot to return! so mad.

i have 2 off the top of my head this week:

joni mitchell-"blue"
red hot chili peppers-either "under the bridge" or "give it away" (your choice!)

love these playlists, keep 'em coming.

Suki said...

Really, fields of gold got the better of me today, Jamie!
So emotional and just was the drop on top of everything who let me start to cry.
I sometimes need those fragile, emotional moments.
Thank you. Hugs!!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I was thinking Fields of Gold and there is was on your list...a favorite for sure. It is really fun to think of songs in this way...I am enjoying the playlists!

~Kristina said...

A lady very dear to me passed away this week. Fields of Gold is exactly what I needed to hear to know that it is ok.
Thank you, Jamie.

bee said...

hi inspiration studio folks!

i'm prairie girl's niece and i have been reading your inspiring and beautiful posts for some time now.

i also happen to be a HUGE music nerd, so i'm drawn towards these playlist posts so much. i find that i always have a million ideas to suggest.

but for this mix, it couldn't be complete without the most beautiful, heartwarming, sweet fall song i know... which is "Fallen" by Ron Sexsmith.

Love and autumn... sigh.


blue elephant photography said...

i'm like maureen, not ready to give up those flippy floppys yet =) i love ♥
yellow - coldplay
shimmer - fuel (lots of colors mentioned in this song, i like the message of this song
memory of trees - enya; an opening to fall feeling

i have to think some more...

Karen said...

Hi Jamie,
Hope your week has been a good one.
Great post and I've really enjoyed your playlist along with the additions in the comments...Powerful.

How about.....
Cat Power; Red Apples
Enya; It's in the rain
Sarah Harmer; Blue moon of Kentucky
10,000 Maniacs; Like the weather

kelly@thebluemuse said...

It has been a crazy week and I am probably too late to add any ideas, but I just wanted to say that I love what you do here, each week. This is a great way to discover new artists and re-discover others.
Can't wait to hear all the color!

Prairie Girl Studio said...


i get pretty darn excited about this, jamie ...

and i just had to share one (ok, maybe two ~ was my niece calling me a 'nerd'? ; ) ...

i just caught sarah mclaughlan's version of the beatles 'blackbird' ... stunning ...

and my last one, promise ...
van morrison's 'when the leaves come falling down'

k, i'll be quiet ...