Sep 23, 2010

Inspiration and Dreams – Hitting Speed Bumps

Every so often, the Universe likes to place a speed bump in my way. These bumps vary in size and are just as annoying as the kind created by the Department of Transportation.  After all, they force me to slow down, change plans and thoughtfully negotiate my way forward.

Last Tuesday, I hit one of those bumps – this time one of the larger variety.  My little girl fell ill and within the course of just a few hours, all the week’s priorities were different. Suddenly, I was asking the ‘what if’ questions that every parent dreads. Thankfully and joyfully, my daughter is now fine.  This week, I can breathe. 

But the whole experience has left me thinking lots about the process of birth:  About how immense and intense it is to bring a child into this world.  About how that hugely physical and traumatic endeavour is only the beginning of the caring, nurturing, loving, sacrificing, questioning, growing and worrying.

And really, is birthing a child any different than birthing a creative dream?

Neither happens overnight.  Neither is easy or straight-forward.   Both are transformational journeys that are quite often unexpected and surprising. 

And if I’m honest, no matter the difficulty, I would not trade either for the world.


Cheri said...

Love the quotes with the photos. I've been hitting a few speed bumps of my own lately, so I needed this!

Faith Hope Cherrytea ~ said...

for me,
birthing children was
birthing dreams ~
and they continue to be ~
transformative, yes,
and in process ..
thank you for posting!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

I am so glad your little girl is fine...hope the road ahead is a bit smoother for you...:)

Jamie said...

Wonderful post.

So glad your little girl is okay.

ELK said...

relieved to hear of a good outcome . .your observation is so true .. both intense journeys!

Suki said...

Big hugs to you!
Seeing kids ill is horrible, but your own must be even worse.
Glad she is okay for now.

blue elephant photography said...

wonderful post! glad your kiddo is okay now

kelly@thebluemuse said...

a beautiful post, beautiful photos...these not so gentle reminders can be good sometimes, to make us truly appreciate how blessed we are. and you are right, birthing a creative dream is so similar to the real thing, with all the same pains and joys.

beth said...

somehow i keep missing your posts...i need to get you into my inspiration line up.

anyhow, i'm so happy to hear that things are better~

Anonymous said...

This hit me hard.
Thank you.

dbalyoz said...

thanks everyone for all the well wishes. my daughter continues to be well and ahhh...its the weekend. wishing you all a great one. Big hugs.. :) Denise

Carola Bartz said...

I'm so glad that your little girl is okay.

Kim Klassen said...

soo happy your sweet girl is better Denise.

This is so true... a creative dream.... our passion... is so a part of us..
the journey of parenthood and big dreams are so deep and mighty, up and down....

i love what you have shared.....

as always... i thank you for sharing with us!

xxo, kim