Sep 12, 2010

the importance of being together

1. Untitled, 2., 3. dive into the day {bench monday}, 4. picnic, 5. Comfort, 6. 160-365, 7. Baywalk Sunset, 8. Together, 9. voice

Slowly autumn is approaching us all. The rainy days come. The darker ones.
With that some people easily get depressed, because the beautifulness and warmth of summer vanished so quickly. I can never say goodbye to summer late enough. I am sad to see it go.
But I am also very excited to see something new, something else coming. 
A new beginning.
Take the daily dose of inspiration from flickr to have a cozy night in. Throw a pyjama party to celebrate the
first few cold days. Make wonderful hot chocolate. 
Get together with loved ones and maybe even create a special family holiday every once a year
by celebrating the first few cold days, doing something special.

Have a wonderful Sunday today.



Anonymous said...

Oh, those pictures are amazing. The babies sleeping together warms my soul. Have a wonderful day.

Jamie said...

Another lovely set! Makes me want to get home to my family even sooner!

Kim Klassen said...

oh wow, fantastic set Suki. I adore your flickr inspiration. truly. and i also love what you have shared. why not celebrate the season!!! :)

happy sunday...xxo, kim

ELK said...

a very pretty mosaic of images suki

Marcie said...

Truly inspiring mosaic of 'togetherness' and love. I can feel the warmth radiating!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

Autumn is my favorite season, I love summer, but there is just something so wonderful about a cool sunny day and a crisp fall night...
So I will be celebrating, you are so good at choosing a group of images, always a little story.