Sep 5, 2010

Beauty that touches my creative soul

Every now and then I find a picture on flickr that absolutely amazes me.
I feel something inside of me moves and then I need to create.
I have a urge to create beauty. To fulfill a vision.

And run with the sudden creativity toward my dreams. 

I am inspired by everyday moments. Visible emotion pushes me to capture just the feeling, so evident for my eyes and my view finder. I like (rather   LOVE  ) non- face pictures. A body full of energy can evoke certain sentiments. Sad, happy, loving, silly or being. Just being. Present. In the moment.
Breathing and living just this minute of your life.

For the last days of summer try to capture the companionship, love and every day moments of you and your family, friends or just you.  Alone.

In the present.

See you next Sunday :)


Lenoirrr said...

Thankyou for sharing these... they are fabulous and I love 'meeting' new work on Flickr... where I will be right after posting this comment.
Thanks again!

ELK said...

each photo on its own is so stunning ..showcase them together and it tells such a nice ~ elk

Jamie said...

What a gorgeous set!

kelly@thebluemuse said...

a beautiful little storyboard...and I like your words even better...

Prairie Girl Studio said...

truly a lovely and sensitive selection, suki!
in the present ... yes, thank you ...
i need to be more in the present ...
your gentle reminder has lifted me ...
thank you ~