Aug 4, 2010

KINDNESS ~ a super FAB and very doable CHALLENGE

happiest wednesday my friends!

how's the stay-cation going?  it's a lot, isn't it? 
like wow, i think i will need a week after this week, to really absorb it all!
in fact that's probably what i will do.
so if i don't get around to your blogs etc, bare with me...i'm working on it.

okay yesterday i shared the kind campaign video with you.
i've reposted it below.
it's so worth watching... incredibly powerful!

I want to put out a new kindness challenge
a very doable...but very powerful one!

i had the loveliest email from Lauren, the founder of the kindness campaign today.
she thanked me for sharing her video on our site, and even posted the link on her facebook page.
how completely sweet is that?

more kindness....soo good... happy sigh...

anyhow, she asked me to spread this very important word!!
they need our votes...
and for girls and women all over the world this is BIG.

PLEASE VOTE for Kind Campaign in the Pepsi Refresh Grant Cycle this month! You can vote twice a day every day for the month of August-once on your computer and once from your phone! Please send this to ALL of your friends and repost: and text 101818 to Pepsi (73774) to vote by phone!! ♥

so please vote...and if you wanna be super KIND and POWERFUL.... why not post the video on your blog and challenge your readers to vote... and so on and so on.....

signing off with the video....  and here's to the kind campaign and KINDESS ALL AROUND.

xxo, kim.


Jamie said...

I've voted - what an easy and worthwhile challenge

Blogger said...

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