Aug 6, 2010

kindness continued - 29 day Giving Challenge

oh my this is GOOD.the 29 Day Giving Challenge
and i HAVE to do this.

before i tell you more.... i have to say i failed my 'ding dong ditch' deadline! :(
but i plan on doing at least one ding dong ditch this weekend.... 
i will be posting the vid (fingers crossed) at the cafe next week...if all goes accordingly.

okay, so i have to share this with you all!!  oh my, it's good.
the 29 Day Giving Challenge.

i found it in the funniest way.  a customer emailed me to say my sign was on this site...
and i was like, okay?  but it really is... near the top on the main page.....  if you pop over,
it's the sign that says 'everyday is a gift'...that's my design.... it was licensed for prints about 5 years ago.
one of my best sellers...  i love the message.

but the BEST part about visiting the site, besides seeing my sign... haha..... the amazing's BRILLIANT. 
i NEED to do this!!  i hope i can...and if and when i do... i will share the journey. 

okay enough of my rambling.. you gotta check it out... :)
Find more videos like this on 29-Day Giving Challenge


Suki said...

Oh so inspiring :)
Would love to do it as well. Shall we team up to do it?

Mad Men Girl said...

Calling all random acts of kindness! Or even on-purpose ones!

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If you wouldn't mind taking two seconds to vote for me, go to my blog, or use the following link, which will take you right to my picture:

Thanks a bunch!