Jun 30, 2011

Summer Vacation - at the iStudio

Happy Summer, my friends....

The i-Studio is on vacation.....

See you in September.....

xxo, the iStudio Inspirers

Flickr Feature: White

Photo by likeart2

Life's Soundtrack: Summer Mix

Spin with all the Joy in Your Heart   IMG_7538
Photo by Paige

Inspired by Paige's amazing photo - which for me illustrates the freedom and joy of summer - I've decided not to give you any homework this week.  Instead, I've put together a Summer Mix just for you.  I've filled it with songs I know you'll hear all over the airwaves this summer, some I hope you'll hear, and some you probably won't hear on the radio - but should!

There is something about summer music that always makes me happy - I hope this list is one you can turn on while you do housework, on a road trip, while you enjoy a BBQ with friends and family - all the things that make summer great.

Jun 29, 2011

Jun 28, 2011

masterful white

white by aia*c


white as a ghost

it had begun to be present to him after the first fortnight,
it had broken out with the oddest abruptness, this particular wanton wonderment:
it met him there--and this was the image under which he himself judged the matter,
or at least, not a little, thrilled and flushed with it--very much as he might have been met
by some strange figure, some unexpected occupant, 
at a turn of one of the dim passages of an empty house.
the quaint analogy quite hauntingly remained with him,
when he didn't indeed rather improve it by a still intenser form:
that of his opening a door behind which he would have made sure of finding nothing,
a door into a room shuttered and void, and yet so coming,
with a great suppressed start, on some quite erect confronting presence,
something planted in the middle of the place
and facing him through the dusk.

~ henry james the jolly corner



Jun 26, 2011

Sunday Shops

celebrating shades of white in these lovely shops . a natural choice


[ click on photo/link to be directed to the ETSY shop]

Simply Riveting

Koide Studio

Karolin Schoor


Three Little Ducks

blessings . see you next sunday

Red or Gray Art